Why we love this product -there are not a lot of cleaning products that I get excited over but this is one that I love to tell people about. I received my first container as a gift and I have been a faithful believer since. Freshwave will remove the unpleasant odor from your room without masking or adding a new fragrance (yes up close you can smell a clean wisp of evergreen but it dissipates as it comes in contact with the odor in the air). If you are sensitive to fragrances this is a product that will usually work for you.

Let me share my personal experience:  we have a dog," Tulip" that actually comes to the shop on a regular bases and we keep her clean, because everyone knows a clean child is just more lovable. Well we had a friend that had us keep their two dogs for a couple of days, did I tell you they were rainy days? One house dog is fine - but three can easily put me to the test, 3 wet dogs did it. Yep the house started to smell like a kennel. So I immediately went to the shop (Paddiwhack) to get a new supply of the Freshwave gel and spray. I placed the gel on a plate to maximize the surface area and sprayed the entry rug within minutes the house no longer smelled like there was a pack of hounds after a fox hunt. I know it works and have had multiple success stories from customers over the years.

I usually buy the 15oz container that will last me about 3 weeks and I refill it from the 3lb jug. I use it also in the closet where the vacuum cleaner is stored so there is no musty odor when you open the door. What I love about the spray is it is safe enough to even spray Tulip when she has been on a long walk. You can find Freshwave on our site under Unique Finds

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