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When we started Paddiwhack we said we would only carry items we loved enough to own ourselves; that we would look for quality functional products we wanted in our homes. We have stuck with this pledge. Occasionally I have made a few mistakes and realized that I should have skipped over and item here and there. I invite you in to see for yourself that as a Paddiwhack customer you will always be happy with what you find here.

JellyCats is one of our great discoveries! This is why we love them:

#1 Quality - Every JellyCat item from the plush animals to the soft books are made with care and attention to detail. They use great textures and good fill, JellyCat toys are made to last and enchant.

#2 Innovation - you can always find the most whimsical personalities in the plush stuffed animals with an ever changing cast. JellyCat is constantly changing the selection, keeping them fresh and relevant. This can be both a plus and a minus if you have a child that loses his/her favorite plush friend and you are on the search. On the other hand new friends are just around the corner.

# Good - They are just a good company to work with, they are concerned about their retailers, the consumers, and the kids that love each JellyCat. Its always nice to work with good people, you can see it in the work they do!

There is a large assortment of animals, toys and books that they produce, yet each one has its own personality. I have seen kids gravitate to their favorite quickly, some because of the texture, others because of the color, whatever the draw they continue to be a childs favorite. I like the fact they are made well and conscientiously appropriate for children.

When that happens beware - A Story a parent can relate to - We came in one morning to open the shop finding a befuddled mother on our doorstep. She and her family had flown in the day before, but hadn't had any rest, their two year old had lost his Cordy Roy Hound Dog on the plane down to Gainesville. He would not sleep till he had recovered Cordy Roy. Lucky for everyone we had Cordy Roy on our shelf. Lesson learned "Start early to hold more than one so close."  


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