Loving Hands Knitted Sweater & Hat Set #8
Loving Hands

Loving Hands Knitted Sweater & Hat Set #8

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Size Newborn

Hand knitted by local artist Joan Lorenz of 70% Tanguis Cotton/30% linen.

Gift boxed  

 Why Tanguis Cotton?

  • One of the finest fibers in the world
  • Incredibly soft
  • Breathable - absorbs and releases perspiration quickly
  • Environmentally friendly - harvested six times a year, requiring less water then other cottons

Developed in 1911 by Fermin Tanguis, a Puerto Rican agriculturalist. Tanguis Cotton saved the Peruvian cotton industry. Grown on the Central Coast of Peru, it accounts for 75% of Peru's cotton production.

Machine wash. Dry low heat.

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