Best Friend Skipit Buddy Blanket
Best Friend Skipit Buddy Blanket
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Best Friend Skipit Buddy Blanket

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Old friends make the best friends. Best Friend Skipit Buddy Blanket is a fresh take on a customer favorite. Super-soft fur and an updated embroidered face. "Best Friend Skipit" embroidery adds another new trick to this perennially popular pup!  Size 16"

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Deanna Luckman 


This was a gift for my son who is two months and he LOVES it!!!! He has been gifted many but this is the one he picked and loves. We can't go anywhere without his puppy!!! It's his favorite cuddle time toy, and it helps him relax for sleeping!!! Love is not a strong enough word for this Mom2


I love how his face is embroidered on instead of those beads. My son likes to bite and chew on stuff, So this is perfect. This little pup is super soft and I love the size. He's great for my toddler to carry around. Also the back is open (the blanket splits). I haven't seen this before and I really like it. Makes it easy to drape our "Skip" onto toys and stuff. I've already ordered a replacement just in case!!

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