Venezia Furniture



Venezia furniture is designed by Yelena Abouaf, a Russian-born artist, who earned her degree in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California. Her line consists of a wide range of armories, desks, tables, space-saving storage, filing units, artist cabinets and beds. The unique style of Venezia furniture integrates beautifully welded skeletal steel frames and inset wood panels, providing great versatility of design and balancing visually stimulating sculptural forms and functional content.

Yelena elaborates, 'Most of all, we are concerned about maximizing the living space. We try to set parameters to make the best use of a given space, and at the same time use our fine-tuned color palettes, to appeal to the aesthetics of the client. There are a number of different palettes, relating to the basic tone of an element, for example. Others represent the four seasons, and a full palette is used in each of the pieces. Autumn's yellows and browns are the most popular, but the jungle greens or the peacock blues are second to none in my book.'