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 Artist Statement

Most important to me is to have you feel uplifted when viewing my art and question how you can add more joy to your life.  Most of the time when I begin creating an artwork I am all about spontaneity; responding to color and marks I randomly make on the panel, an intuitive response to the world around me.  I have no preconceived plan as to what the outcome of the artwork will be.  Areas of my life that profoundly affect my work are my love of nature and a positive outlook.  Inspiration is drawn from paying attention to the moment and recognizing ideas that connect with my soul.  By using oil paint with cold wax medium for texture and vibrant color; oil pastels for gestural marks, my goal is to liven the surface so that you are drawn to the work and convey a sense of joy to you.    


After a career in computer systems, Martha took a painting class at the Gibbes Museum Studio, Charleston, SC. That was the spark that started her painting career. Taking workshops with numerous national artists; Kevin MacPherson, Lois Griffel, Ron Hicks, Albert Handell, Ken Auster, Scott Burdick; as well as a wealth of museum and private study have been her art education. Over the years, her painting style has become uniquely her own with her rich color and broad brushstrokes.

In the early part of her career, Martha created captivating light filled floral, landscape and figurative oil paintings that invite the viewer to become a part of her vision of joy, beauty and elegance. 

While Martha still is drawn to her beginnings as in impressionistic oil painter, she now loves working in oil paint with cold wax medium to express her feelings for life and nature.  This new avenue has opened up her work to creating colorful textural expressionistic paintings to show deep positive feelings.

Martha Brane's award-winning work has been shown in numerous one woman, group and juried regional shows and is showcased in corporate and private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Her work has also been featured on magazine covers; as well as articles in Art Galleries and Artists of the South, Art Talk of Scottsdale, and South Carolinamagazines to name a few.