David Marsh

I have always felt that quality furniture should be made to last, made out of solid wood. We find that to be the case with Quazi furniture made by David Marsh. Handmade in Houston Texas, where David lives and works to create unique pieces of functional art. Each piece is truly a one of a kind creation due to the variety of combinations that David comes up with. David personally touches and has a hand in the creation of every piece of furniture that comes out of his studio.

I love both the look and quality of Quazi Furniture; it works well as a lone accent piece or with other American Folk Art pieces that are being made in America today due to the influence David has had on the movement over the past 30 years having taught, worked with and mentored many of the young artist in the Southwest.

Known for his innovative use of found objects and recycled materials David is conscious of the environmental impact we have, Quazi furniture uses the best practices in his studio. Most pieces are made of Texas ponderosa pine a hardier pine that will hold up to daily use. Paddiwhack carries the largest selection of David Marsh furniture this side of the Mississippi, each piece is unique so we often send pictures of a particular item before shipping, or if you would like to discuss a particular piece and see what variations we might have in stock please call to discuss them.